AlumniAssociationLogoEarlier this summer, 29 members of the Saint Viator Class of 2017 took a few minutes of their time to participate in an online survey about their first year of college. They answered a short list of questions and provided ratings regarding their freshmen year experience in college and how well Saint Viator helped prepare them. The questions focused on both academic and social preparation.

The responses are now being tabulated and evaluated. Many of the respondents took time to add comments to many of the questions and each answer is being reviewed. The majority found that the experience they had in their first year of college exceeded their expectations and most felt that Saint Viator prepared them well for the transition.

The comments provided covered a wide range of input but there was clearly a feeling that Saint Viator provided a great deal of structure for them. There were also requests for more business classes (we’ll have news about that soon) and a request to have greater contact with recent Saint Viator grads who can provide guidance through college and in launching careers.

We appreciate all of the feedback and will evaluate closely the depth of feedback across the board.