IMG_9708When the Viatorians’ only active bishop, the Most Rev. Christopher Glancy, CSV, celebrated the last all-school Mass on April 18, it was a homecoming of sorts for him.

He began his Viatorian ministry and teaching career at Saint Viator, exactly 35 years ago, when he taught religion and social studies during the 1983-84 academic year.

Bishop Glancy was joined by Fr. Dan Hall, CSV, Fr. Dan Lydon, CSV, and Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV, who concelebrated the Mass with him.

The Mass was offered as part of the Easter season, and it was in that spirit of new birth and new beginnings that Bishop Glancy offered his homily to the students and faculty.

IMG_9695He encouraged them to continue learning about their faith, attend Mass, to be of service to others, now and for the rest of their lives.

“I drew on the message that I usually give during confirmations,” Bishop Glancy said, “but I think it applies to high school students and to all of us.”

Bishop Glancy is a native of Rock Island, Illinois, and he first met the Viatorians when he attended Alleman High School in Rock Island, where Viatorians made up much of the faculty. He went on to attend Loyola University, but within a year of graduating, he would enter the Viatorian Community.

Over his years in ministry, Bishop Glancy has taught at Colegio San Viator in Bogotá, Colombia and he helped to open the Viatorian mission in Belize in 1998 with Fr. Dan Hall, CSV. His leadership was so strong in Belize, he was ordained bishop of Belize City in 2012. Bishop Glancy returned to this country in 2017 for a sabbatical.

At Saint Viator, he described the student body as being extremely attentive and he added how surprised—and inspired—to see so many students involved in the liturgy, as Eucharistic ministers, cantors, choral and musician members, and even as greeters and those who prepared the altar.

IMG_9704“They all had so much reverence,” Bishop Glancy said. “It was just refreshing to see.”

Mr. Brian Liedlich, president of Saint Viator, added how much it meant to have a Viatorian bishop, and former member of the faculty, come back to celebrate Mass.

“It was such a privilege and pleasure to welcome Bishop Glancy back to Saint Viator to celebrate our Easter liturgy,” Mr. Liedlich said. “We continue to do everything we can to heighten our Viatorian mission and identity at the school.”