A call put out to faculty and staff members for fine arts submissions resulted in nearly 20 entries. Look for them in a pair of display cases located across from the Academic Commons. They came in just in time for the Fine Arts Week celebration.

“Our theme this year was ‘Everyone is an Artist,’ “explains Mr. Matt Gruenfeld, art teacher. “I was amazed at the variety of talents that our community has.”

IMG-0398It turns out lifelong learning is a passion for faculty and staff. Included in the display are their works in painting, photography, jewelry, crochet and textile art, ceramics, and even printmaking.

Among the entries is a linoleum cut made by Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV. It features one of the “Lords of Leaping,” from the 12 days of Christmas and was made with printmaking tools by former Saint Viator art teacher, Fr. Ray Novacek, CSV.

“My father was involved in printmaking and engraving,” explains Fr. Perham, who finds printmaking a release from his expertise in mathematics. “I started making linoleum cuts more than 20 years ago. Like father, like son, I guess.”

Mrs. JoAnne Francis has spent 18 years as the director of student activities at Saint Viator and about the time she started, she sought out a creative outlet that would relieve stress. She found it in a ceramics class taught at Harper College, which she has returned to every year.

IMG-0399“It is relaxing and a total escape from everything,” Mrs. Francis says. “I love creating something from nothing, getting my hands dirty, and making things for other people, and, it’s fun!”

Students in Mr. John Fuja’s Spanish classes recognized his photo on display. Many of framed photos from his travels hang in his classroom.

The one he entered for the display was taken in 2011 in Pamplona, Spain during its festival of San Fermín and the Running of the Bulls. Mr. Fuja ran with the bulls the first day and took photos the next day to capture the excitement of the festival.

“When you go to Pamplona for the festival, everyone wears white and red,” he says. “I thought the photo represented what the city was like in the morning during that week.”

Mr. Fuja's photo pictured in the top right corner of the display.

Mr. Fuja’s photo pictured in the top right corner of the display.

This is one of many photos from his time spent living in Spain and Mexico that he likes to share with his students.

“They are always a reminder of the incredible experiences that I had,” Mr. Fuja says, “studying and living in those countries: the friends, the experiences, and the culture.”