Stanila_ThomasThomas Stanila ’18 already had a perfect ACT score in his repertoire, but one of the colleges he applied to needed his score from the writing test in order to consider his application.

“You can’t just take the writing portion, so I had to take it all over again, this time with the writing,” Thomas says.

No sweat. He not only got a perfect 12 in the writing test but he, in fact, bettered his perfect score from last year. In 2017, he earned a 35 out of 36 in reading, but his overall composite score was a 36. This time, Thomas earned a perfect score in every subject area.

Here’s hoping that the one college who asked for his writing test score, Harvard University, finds him worthy of admission.

Thomas has little time to dwell on his accomplishment. On Tuesday, he earned a second place individual medal in biology while competing with Saint Viator’s Academic Team at the Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering regional.

One week before that, Thomas and Marcus Lannie ’19, took second in the oral competition, hosted by the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics and now they await state berth consideration.

Through it all, he credits his Saint Viator experience with helping him develop his love of learning.

“In my classes, I learned to take a more analytical look at the text and to look for a deeper meaning,” Thomas says. “That was cultivated here. I really think the rigor of the coursework helped me succeed.”

Thomas manages a heavy academic load of five AP courses, as well as an online course in multi-variable calculus, after completing Saint Viator’s highest course, calculus BC last year. He also serves as world editor on the Viator Voice, and when he’s not in school, he performs in the Elgin Youth Symphony on violin.

As for college, he plans to major in biology with an ultimate goal of going to medical school, but his dreams all began at Saint Viator.

“It’s such a rigorous academic environment, and all my teachers have encouraged me to cultivate my skills,” he says, “but through service, I’ve learned that it is equally as important to apply those skills to the world.”