TrusteesDayServiceFor the first time, Saint Viator students combined with members of the board of trustees in a service project, that embodied one of the Viatorians’ core missions: embracing those accounted of little importance.

It took place Saturday when the group turned out to Elk Grove Bowl to help adults served by Clearbrook enjoy an afternoon of bowling, as part of the organization’s Bowling Buddies program.

“It was like a party,” said Julia Vadan ’19, one of nearly one dozen students who participated from Saint Viator’s Justice League and Campus Ministry. “Everyone was cheering and having fun. I was so happy to be a part of it.”

LionsForJusticeJulia helped to get the ball rolling, so to speak, when she designed T-shirts for Clearbrook bowlers, which had been underwritten by Saint Viator’s board of trustees. Each one featured Clearbrook’s Bowling Buddies logo on the front, but with this inscription on the back: “That’s How Saint Viator BOWLS.”

Saint Viator volunteers made an impact, Clearbrook officials said. In all, there were nearly 200 bowlers needing assistance, including the more severely disabled bowlers, who needed help to bowl with the aid of raised, accessible ramps. When Saint Viator volunteers weren’t helping their assigned bowlers, they cheered on the others who bowled on their own.

“Yesterday was one of the greatest days ever for the Clearbrook client bowling league, thanks to our buddies from Saint Viator High School,” declared Clearbrook officials on their Facebook page. “(They are our) friends and neighbors.”

TrusteesService2Trustee and administration members had as much fun as the students, said Mrs. Mary Beth Beiersdorf, in her last year on the board.

“It was so cool seeing how much love was in the room, and seeing our trustees and students working together,” she said. “Literally, it was one of the best days ever. We’re hoping to make it an annual event.”

Saturday’s bowling outing was a part of Campus Ministry’s Loaves & Fishes program, says Ms. Emily Egan, Campus Minister.

“Students pick an organization once a month to pray for at our all-school Masses, learn about in Religions classes, and donate toward the cause in homeroom,” Ms. Egan says. “Then, all students are invited to participate in a service experience with this organization.

TrusteesServiceDay“The goal is for students to have a holistic approach to service,” she adds, “through learning, giving, praying and hands-on experience.”

In the end, students raised $378.04 for three more accessible ramps for the facility, while trustees donated the money for the 200 T-shirts given to all of the participants.