FMSCHFHSaint Viator students have returned many times to pack meals at Feed My Starving Children locations, but last weekend, they joined with thousands of other volunteers for a “Hope-Filled Holiday.”

For the second straight year, Saint Viator students—led in groups by Mr. Kurt Paprocki and Mr. Bart Hisgen—reported to the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center over the weekend, where they ultimately packed 1 million meals—enough to feed 2,740 children for a year.

“There was so much energy and so many people,” said Laura Kuper ’18. “The Christmas spirit was just flying.”

Her classmate, Sarah Johnson ’18, agreed that the numbers of volunteers who gave up part of their weekend to feed hungry children was inspiring.

“I didn’t expect to see so many people wanting to help people,” Sarah said. “It was fun and there was lots of cheering.”

They were part of a massive meal-packing session that took place over three days at the Schaumburg Convention Center and drew 7,500 volunteers in all.

“It was great to be part of something bigger than ourselves,” added Emma Abrahamian ’19.

Each meal packet was packed with nutritious meals of soy, vegetables, vitamins, and rice. They were loaded into boxes and will be shipped to mission partners in 70 countries around the world, where they will feed children in orphanages, schools, clinics and in feeding programs designed to break the cycle of poverty

Saint Viator students included members of the National Honor Society as well as those active in Campus Ministry and other service organizations, and even feeder basketball teams. They combined with volunteers from other church groups, schools and businesses, including Capital One, United Airlines, Anixter, Fellowes Brands, Verizon, Northwestern Mutual, Amita Health, Omron, Edlong and Hayward Baker.

Even Saint Viator faculty members and administrators pitched in to help, including Mrs. Karen Love, principal, and her husband, Dan; Dean of Students, Bill Sanford, and his wife, Dr. Gretchen Sanford; Mrs. Brigette Brankin, math teacher, and Viatorian Associates Cathy and Don Abrahamian.