image002A connection made by Saint Viator students with adults from St. Coletta’s of Wisconsin who live in group homes in the Northwest suburbs continues to grow.

It was a little more than six months ago that members of the girls’ soccer team made a financial donation to St. Coletta’s Center, located in Palatine, before attending a Mass with local residents and their families, that was celebrated by Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV.

All of these adults served by St. Coletta are in their 40s and 50s and have developmental disabilities.

St. Coletta’s of Wisconsin was founded in 1904, and it continues to be inspired by the Franciscan mission of compassion, dignity, and respect, in serving adults with developmental disabilities.

image001Its main residential facility is located in Jefferson, WI, but St. Coletta now serves adults in the Northwest suburbs, who live in 10 homes in the area and attend programs at a resource center in Rolling Meadows.

Now, Saint Viator students are taking a more active role with St. Coletta residents, by including them in several activities.

One of the latest took place Friday after school when Saint Viator students gathered with approximately one dozen St. Coletta residents to go Christmas caroling in the surrounding neighborhood.

IMG_0142Accompanied by Dean Deborah Scerbicke and Fr. Bolser, the carolers broke up into smaller groups and set out into the local community.

On Tuesday night, Saint Viator’s strength and conditioning coach, Mr. Richard McLoughlin, led student-athletes to Kirk School in Palatine for the annual St. Coletta holiday party.

“They were a very distinguished looking group of carolers,” Fr. Bolser said of the football players, wrestlers, and powerlifters who attended. “There was a lot of food and a lot of singing. Everyone had a great time.”

image003While Saint Viator students look for more ways to include these St. Coletta residents, Fr. Bolser quietly continues his devotion to these adults with disabilities, saying Mass one night a week at their Rolling Meadows center.