IMG_1944Seniors taking AP Italian know they are working toward earning college credits through Saint Viator’s dual credits program with Loyola University, but last week they got an added bonus: they traveled to Loyola’s lakeshore campus and sat in on two classes.

However, they did more than sit in the back. In an Italian literature class, Bennett Rizner ’18 presented a PowerPoint presentation on a sonnet written in the late 1200s in old Italian, while in another class Joy Bertagna ‘18 and Eleanore Kelleher ’18 actively participated in a grammar review.

IMG_1928Other seniors who made the trip included: Arianna Arthur, Angelica Ingraffia, John Hegerty, Catherine Kelleher, Gina Pieri and Anthony Maraviglia.

“It was fantastic to see how great our kids are,” said Mrs. Mirella Rullo, AP Italian teacher, and native speaker. “I am truly proud.”

Both classes at Loyola were taught by Prof. Anna Clara Ionta, a native Italian speaker and 30-year teacher at Loyola.

“We have planned this day since school started,” added Mrs. Rullo. “We thought that it would be fun for one day to be part of a college class and would translate into a positive experience, especially since they are all seniors.”

IMG_1936AP Italian is just one of the classes participating in the dual credit program with Loyola. Others include AP Biology, AP Math, and AP Spanish. Its teachers are considered adjunct instructors at Loyola, and in fact, Saint Viator’s AP Italian has been designated as Italian 104 at Loyola, where it is required for all language students if they want to enroll in advance classes such as literature.

At Saint Viator, AP Italian students are able to understand and write increasingly complex Italian sentences and paragraphs, and speak coherently about Italy, its cultural distinctness and its differences from the United States.