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Ryan Gurreri ’13 performs at the Saint Viator 2013 Choral Showcase.

Ryan Gurreri ’13, of Barrington, found his voice at Saint Viator High School through his involvement in choir and the musicals, and now he’s paying it forward.

He is a senior mechanical engineering major at Purdue University, concentrating in acoustics, but his real passion is singing.

Over the course of his four years in West Lafayette, Gurreri has performed with the Purdue Varsity Glee Club. The all-male musical group was founded in 1893, and its members cover a wide variety of genres—both acapella and accompanied by its band.

“We proudly serve as ambassadors of Purdue University and are continually called on to appear at events—on campus, in the community, as well as state, national and international events,” Gurreri said, adding that they average between 50-60 appearances each year.

“In my four years, we have toured through California, Florida, Washington DC and Chicago,” he adds, “and this May we will embark on a two-week trip to Poland and the Baltics to spread our music worldwide.”

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Ryan Gurreri ’13 performs at the Saint Viator Spring Arts Festival in May 2013.

Before they left for overseas, Purdue’s Varsity Glee Club took the stage at Saint Viator High School, in a show that also featured New Tradition, a barbershop quartet featuring Joe Gurreri, combining in several solos with his son, Ryan, on Friday, April 28.

This “home show” carried on a longstanding tradition with Purdue’s Glee Club, when the ensemble performs a show in every senior’s hometown. The idea is for them to come back and show their family and friends what the Glee Club is all about, Ryan Gurreri said.

“I am especially excited to be able to collaborate with my father’s barbershop quartet,” he said before the show.

The New Tradition is one of the most award-winning and entertaining men’s a cappella choruses in the world, reigning as Barbershop Harmony Society International Champions in 2001.

“When the Purdue Varsity Glee Club and New Tradition collaborate, I will have the pleasure of singing in a 4-man quartet with my dad—sharing the stage with his chorus and singing three pieces together,” Gurreri said. “This show will be one to remember for the rest of my life.”