In today’s gospel passage about the blind man, the evangelist underscores the chaos his cure caused. In the story, there are those who vigorously attempt to shield society from Jesus’ “life changing” authenticity, lest their own authenticity becomes challenged. They go on the attack. Everyone connected with the event, even remotely, becomes a target: Jesus, the blind man, and his parents. They challenge Jesus’ credentials, the blind man’s lack of respect for religious leaders, and the credibility of his parents. The man’s steadfast witness to Jesus’ authenticity brings him a discouraging consequence – he is thrown out of the synagogue. He must have known that the strength of his convictions would force him to the edge of society.

Insert yourself into the story. How close are you standing to the blind man? Why?

–Fr. Arnie Perham, C.S.V. has served at Saint Viator High School for more than 50 years. Fr. Arnie continues to tutor Math and assists the Math Team and Math Club.