The Readings for the first Sunday of Lent speak to us of Creation: Human consciousness and the ability to know right from wrong – to understand that we are given the ability to choose life or death. These readings also remind us that every choice that we make affects others – all actions have repercussions – they affect others; we are connected. We also learn that we are tempted to power, greed, arrogance and to self-absorption.

These readings speak to us, reminding us that we are part of the ongoing creation, along with all other men and women, connected in time and in space. We are part of the fabric of life and what we choose brings life or death. We are called to bring life and to understand that that Divine Spirit that was alive in Jesus, lives in us – calling us forward into the fullness of life. We are reminded finally that Jesus shows us that the way to life is by choosing to become a servant – by giving one’s life as a light to the world.

–Fr. Charlie Bolser, C.S.V served as president of Saint Viator High School from 1988-1999. He continues to assist in the Advancement Office and in Adult and Family Faith Formation.