The latest group of Illinois State Scholars was announced last week, and Saint Viator High School seniors were well represented.

Approximately 30 percent of the senior class was named Illinois State Scholars by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission for their outstanding academic achievement.

Each year, Illinois State Scholars represent the top 10 percent of high school seniors from 765 high schools across the state. Earning this distinction means the student has scored in the 95th percentile or above on the ACT or SAT, and ranks in the top half of the class.

“We’re thrilled,” said Mrs. Eileen Manno, principal. “Illinois State recognition reflects all their hard work, as well as the school’s com­mitment to academic excellence.”

While state scholar recognition does not include a monetary prize, the distinction does help students stand out in the application process, because of the work ethic and academic success it represents, says Eric Zarnikow, ISAC executive director.

“Students have a lot to contend with as they move through high school,” Zarnikow said, “from increased testing to extracurricular activities to highly competitive college admissions.

“Kudos to these students and also to the teachers, parents, coaches and other mentors,” he added, “who contributed to their success and helped them navigate a path towards college and career success.”

Congratulations to the Illinois State Scholars from Saint Viator’s Class of 2017:

Elizabeth J. Airan
Stephen E. Battin
Nicole Bavaro
Nicholas Bavaro
Kaitlyn M. Baxendale
Katherine L. Boler
Michael J. Boler
Genevieve M. Breslin
Samuel J. Brey
Isabelle A. Brown
Orest Byskosh
Clara B. Carlson
Susan M. Carlson
Xiangming Chen
Mary Ann Cortese
Melissa Cortese
Louise M. Deardorff
Olivia Emli Dominguez
Michael D. Flis
Gabriella E. Gaffney
Ludovica Garro
Nicholas W. Garth
Sara E. Gasey
Nicholas J. Gattuso
Anthony R. Graffia III
Stephen F. Hannon
Patrick M. Harris
Alexander C. Horne
Miranda L. Hutchinson
Zachary D. Jones
Grace M. Kaiser
Luke R. Koehler
Thomas J. Majerus
Ian W. Malek
Carolina Matuk
Sean McAteer
Daniel J. Morton
Caroline M. Mroz
Grace C. Nessen-Gilligan
John M. Neubauer
Sarah A. Niesman
Sean T. O’Grady
Brian O’Hara
Sehee Park
Paulina Piwowarczyk
Alexander J. Prazuch
Geping Qu
Bryan J. Rapala
Alexandra T. Recht
Shannon Roney
Tobias C. Schwartz
Claire M. Slaski
Kaitlyn G. Solarz
Matthew K. Stack
Ryan D. Suhanek
Mia Szela
Hugh W. Tully
James A. Valentino III,
Rachel Varvara
Rebecca A. Vibbert
Jason M. Vivit
Holly C. Westerkamp
Claire T. Williams
Colleen R. Williams
Wentao Yang
Gi Shun Yeung
Mark T. Young
Allison T. Zajakala