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Month: March 2015

Congrats to 2015 NHS Inductees

Congratulations to the following students inducted into the Saint Viator National Honor Society on Wednesday, March 18:


Class of 2016
Kristen Aretos
Michael Baker
Therese Banea
Angela Bogusz
Michael Caputo
Michael Carens
John Carlson
Justin Cruz
Collin Cull
Nathaniel Cull
Ashley Dayton
Anne Farwell
Brighdin Finnegan
Matthew Fitzgerald
Patton Fitzpatrick
Grant Gaylord
Matthew Gryzlo IV
Catherine Hafner
John Hafner
Kathryn Hansen
Emily Hayes
Stephen Hegarty
Erin Hogaboom
Kathryn Jamieson
Ethan Johnson
Patrick Kerrigan
Lauren Kohn
Trevor Koos
Dominic Lamick
Danielle Laterza
Margaret Leazer
Yungeol Lee
Dana Lenard
Danielle Leveille
Reinaldo Limantara
Morgan Londo
Jiayi Lu
Kelley Maranan
John Marty
Karly May
Shannon McCollum
Miles McDonnell
William McEvoy
Ryan McMahon
Jonathan Meehan
Eleanor Meyer
Olivia Michalik
Eric Mitalo
Xiangxi Mo
Drew Morton
Patrick Murphy
Kevin Napoleon
Hee Seung Noh
Maya Nudo
Audrey Nuelle
Mary O Connell
Michael O Neill
Paige Patano
Max Paulus
Mark Perkowski
Elena Presta
Michael Ragauskis
Sarina Remiasz
Savannah Ritchie
Jacqueline Rose
Angel Salgado
Alexandria Scheidecker
Lucy Schiller
John Sexton
Hannah Sheriff
Paige Smith
Nicholas Spanier
Scott St Onge
Austin Stengel
Amanda Stocchetti
Aleksandra Stykowska
Thomas Swiderski
Sarah Toomey
Matthew Trimberger
Daniel Walsh
Liam Warner
Mitchell Warren
Samuel Wolf
Si Wu
Alec Zajac
Jiajun Zhuang

Class of 2015
Jackson Laterza
Mao Lin
Lauren McAndrews
Olivia Romano
Yanjing Qu

Hot Off the Presses: Fr. Arnold Perham,CSV, Mentoring Mathematics Teachers Around the World

perham_0001Suffice it say, Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV, is not one to rest on his laurels.

Just last month, he was named Mentor of the Year at the Arlington Heights Hearts of Gold dinner, for his tutoring of Saint Viator math students. Now, it turns out he is mentoring mathematicians around the world.

An article written by Fr. Perham graces the front cover of this month’s official journal of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. It is his third article published in the periodical, in the last five years.

The publication comes out every month during the school year and is read by more than 25,000 subscribers — including math teachers at high schools and universities across the country and around the world.

They can’t miss this latest edition. It features a vintage photo of workers laying track for the first Transcontinental Railroad, circa 1865. This July will mark 150 years since the Union Pacific Railroad started construction.

This rich history forms the backdrop for a cross-disciplinary unit that Fr. Perham, and his sister, Faustine Perham, a professor emeritus from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, wrote for their mathematics colleagues.

In it, students are challenged to test statements made by rail executives to potential railroad investors, that workers laid track at a rate of two miles per day.

“The whole unit is meant to test historical statements made at the time,” Fr. Perham said.

He first developed the unit for freshmen Querbes Scholars, who plotted the data on a TI-84 calculator and an Excel spreadsheet. However, last year, Fr. Perham began incorporating data analysis using an app on the iPad, and it is that technology that he promotes in the article.

Students helped with historical research as well, finding newspaper accounts and advertisements about how fast the tracks were being laid, by searching periodicals through the Library of Congress.

At the end of the year, students presented their findings in media presentations to a panel of school administrators and teachers. The semester long study demonstrated Saint Viator’s commitment to excellence in education, and providing students with a lifelong journey of learning and discovery.

“They weren’t graded; it wasn’t for any class,” Fr. Perham said. “They merely did it for the love of learning.”


National Modern World Languages Honor Societies: It’s All About Preparing Global Communicators

Preparing students to become successful communicators in an increasingly global society is one of the stated missions of Saint Viator High School, and nowhere was that more evident than at the induction ceremony for the National Modern World Languages Honor Societies.

In all, nearly 35 students were inducted into the Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish national honor societies.

“We always want to promote the study of a foreign language and recognize those students who have done well and maintained a high average,” Mrs. Mirella Rullo, department chair of Modern World Languages, said.

Most of those inducted were juniors. Just to be considered, students are required to have maintained an A average in their first two years, and they must be enrolled in either the Level 4 or AP level of their chosen language.

“Their membership in these Modern World Language honor societies will help these students stand out during the college application process,” Principal Eileen Manno said. “The ability to speak and understand another language is a vital skill for the 21st century and as a result, global awareness is one of the main goals of our curriculum.”

She also highlighted that by achieving cultural and linguistic competence, students will be able to promote friendship and understanding between countries, utilizing the leadership skills emphasized in Saint Viator’s rigorous, college-prep curriculum.

“Strive and challenge yourself for even higher standards,” Mrs. Manno added. “Be prepared to live in a world that will demand that you be able to communicate in many ways.”

Color Crest

Saint Viator Boys’ Basketball Makes a Statement with 4th Straight Regional Title

Senior Sal Cannella scored a career-best 33 points to beat Conant.

Senior Sal Cannella scored a career-best 33 points to beat Conant.

March Madness may be a week away, but the Saint Viator boys’ basketball team already is on a roll.

For the fourth straight year, the Lions have won the Class 4A regional championship and punched their ticket to the sectional round.

This year, the team did it in dramatic fashion, beating Prospect at the buzzer, 50-49, before defeating Lake Zurich, 48-42, to win the Wheeling regional title.

Their victory drew the Cahill Crazies to storm the court and surround the team in a post-game celebration, and all in advance of the trophy ceremony.

Their momentum didn’t stop there. At the Barrington Sectional, the fifth seeded Lions met Conant, whose Cougars had upset the top seed, Barrington, to earn their berth.

Although the Lions had defeated Conant early in the season, Assistant Coach Jason Kuffel said he expected their game to be tight.

“These will be two totally different teams,” Coach Kuffel said before the game. “We’ve improved and are playing with a lot of confidence, and so are they.

“But there are no secrets,” he added. “We’ve watched films of their games and we know each other well, after playing each other all four years. We just have to go out and execute our game plan and convert.”

They did. The Lions eliminated the Cougars, 55-40, due in large part to the 33 points scored by senior Sal Cannella, and the all-around defensive effort by the entire team.

Coach Kuffel describes winning the fourth regional title and advancing to the sectional final for the second time in three years as a true accomplishment for his team of juniors and seniors.

“They’ve worked so hard to improve their skills and play as a team,” Coach Kuffel said. “This goes back to last summer, when the juniors first moved up, and now they’re a team.

“In fact, they’re all very close knit,” he added. “They love being around each other, and you can tell that in their play. Their ability to come together has clicked at the right time.”

Veteran coaching also plays into the team’s success.

This was the second straight regional championship for Head Coach Quin Hayes, a 1995 graduate, who averaged 25 points a game during his senior year at Saint Viator, and played four years of Division I basketball at Monmouth University.

Coach Hayes is assisted by Coach Kuffel, who notched his fourth straight regional title, after also serving as an assistant to Coach Howland.

Italian Club Answers the Call: Volunteers During WTTW Pledge Drive

Students, Signora Rullo, Br. Rob and Tim Masterton '03 with actor/director Tony Lo Bianco (far left), Ron Onesti, president of Onesti Entertainment Corp. and Bob Allegrini (front far right).

Students, Signora Rullo, Br. Rob and Tim Masterton ’03 with actor/director Tony Lo Bianco (far left), Ron Onesti, president of Onesti Entertainment Corp. and Bob Allegrini (front far right).

Leave it to Saint Viator students to ramp up fundraising efforts.

That was the case on Sunday, when a dozen members of the Italian Club as well as Signora Rullo and Br. Rob Robertson, CSV, traveled to the WTTW Channel 11 Studio in Chicago to volunteer for the station’s March pledge drive.

“I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for the school and for the Italian program,” Signora Rullo said.

Since the group was so large, they received three, on-air plugs during their pledge shift and the school name was read verbally and also appeared on the screen.

“It was wonderful, but a little bit scary knowing we were on live TV,” Signora Rullo added.

Club members were invited by Tim Masterton ’03, a former student of Signora Rullo’s, who now manages on-air fundraising operations for Channel 11.

“Having volunteers with us to answer phones is a fun and cost-effective way of processing donations,” Mr. Masterton said. “Plus, it gives individuals and volunteer groups from across the area the opportunity to participate in WTTW’s mission.”

He adds that he especially enjoys hosting groups that complement the programs the station is airing.

“In this case, having the Saint Viator Italian Club here was a perfect fit for our pledge broadcast of The Italian Americans,” Mr. Masterton said, “during which we celebrated the contributions of generations of Italian-Americans from across Chicago and the nation.”

He points to their quarterly pledge drives as one of the most effective ways possible to have a conversation with viewers and raise funds that keep local and national programming alive for the millions of viewers who tune in each year.

“It was a successful broadcast on Sunday,” Mr. Masterton added. “From what the group said, family, friends and faculty members tuned in and were generous enough to call in with pledges of support.”

Masonic 2015 team formal team photo 1 (1)

Scholastic Bowl Seeded 5th Heading into IHSA Regionals

The Saint Viator Scholastic Bowl team is on a roll.Masonic 2015 team formal team photo 1 (1)

After finishing third at an extremely competitive regional in the Illinois Masonic State Academic Bowl series, the Lions now are preparing for the IHSA regionals, which take place March 9 at Carmel Catholic High School in Mundelein.

The team, under the direction of Mrs. Jan Grana, is seeded fifth in their regional, which will put them up against Buffalo Grove, Lake Forest, Lake Zurich, Carmel, Mundelein, North Chicago and Wauconda high schools.

“The kids are finishing up a really good year,” Mrs. Grana said. “And now they are arguably competing in one of the toughest regionals in the state.”

Along the way, there have been some individual successes. Sophomore Stephen Hannon has been named to two all-tournament teams, and seniors Clare Hannon and Peter Wilson have been named all-league players.

In Scholastic Bowl competitions, five-member teams respond to questions on such topics as literature, social studies, mathematics, science, language arts, fine arts and current events, and have the chance to score higher by correctly answering corresponding bonus questions.

“We’ve had medal finishes in every tournament we’ve entered this year,” Mrs. Grana said, “including a first place for our novice team at the Auburn tournament in Rockford and a first place for our varsity at Zion Benton.”

Now the stakes get higher as teams prepare for regionals and the chance to advance to the IHSA state tournament March 20 at the Peoria Civic Center.



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