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Principal Eileen Manno with Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV.

Fr. Arnold Perham, C.S.V.: Mentor of the Year

Principal Eileen Manno with Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV.

Principal Eileen Manno with Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV.

At the recent Ash Wednesday Mass, students gave Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV, a standing ovation in recognition of his more than 50 years helping students master mathematics.

It turns out that was just the beginning of his time in the spotlight. On Saturday, Feb. 21 he was honored as the Village of Arlington Heights’ Mentor of the Year at its sold out Hearts of Gold dinner.

In accepting his award, Fr. Perham described how he motivates students by telling them stories of those that went before them, and what they did to overcome obstacles to achieve success. At the end of his speech, he summed up his commitment.

“There’s no place I’d rather be,” he said.

Saint Viator Principal Eileen Manno nominated Fr. Perham for the award, crediting his work helping students in the Math Club, Math Team, Querbes Scholars program and in the school’s math lab.

Fr. Perham continues to publish materials with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and, in 1989, he was honored by the Math Teachers’ Association of Catholic High Schools in Chicago.

“I get these nomination forms every year, but I never want to single out just one teacher. We’re all educators,” Mrs. Manno said. “But when I see Fr. Perham come faithfully every morning, it just hit me how much he reflects our mission, both academically and spiritually.”

Fr. Corey Brost, C.S.V., president of Saint Viator, attended the dinner, along with Fr. Thomas von Behren, C.S.V., provincial and Fr. John Milton, C.S.V., as well as Mrs. Eileen Manno and Mrs. Mary Lee DeBelina, assistant principal, and his sister, Faustine Perham.

“I can’t think of anyone who deserves this recognition more,” Fr. Corey said. “You won’t find a kinder, wiser, more intelligent person in this building. He shines God’s bright light, daily.”


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  1. John Minter

    I am only so good, but Fr. Perham, Fr. Michalson, and all challenged me to push myself, beyond my interests and skills.
    I am so proud of these men of God and St. Viator helped ME accomplish at St. Viator High School!!!
    I, as in I, John Minter did the math that Neils Bohr did! that wrote a paper on the subatomic particals for Fr. Michalson. These men of God inspired me, to feets I didn’t know I could reach!
    They set the bar higher than I could Maintain.
    I thank them for thier efforts!!

    • Joe Finnigan

      I had Arnold Perham for Analyt at Griffin High in Springfield. He was a phenomenal teacher. Too bad you didn’t have him for English or you’d know how to spell their. (Just kidding.)

      Joe Finnigan
      Griffin High ’62

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